Mark Fontaine- Westhart- Business Process Improvement Manager,University of Limerick

    • Mark Fontaine- Westhart- Business Process Improvement Manager,University of Limerick's presentations

    Mark Fontaine-Westhart has over 15 years of experience implementing and leading continuous improvement programmes in the healthcare, energy, and higher education sectors.   A Lean Black Belt and Certified Mentor, Mark has led numerous supply chain, procurement, and operational improvement teams realising savings in excess of €10m.


    Presentation Title:Using Lean to Strategically Redesign Your Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Supply Chain”

    Brief Synopsis of Presentation:   The Lean/A3 Methodology was used to strategically analyse and redesign a healthcare MRO supply chain for five hospitals in Upstate New York (U.S.A.), encompassing sourcing, procurement, receiving, inventory management, purchasing and distribution.   Inefficiencies and potential cost savings in excess of €4m were identified, with realized benefits totalling in excess of €3m.   The presentation will review key lean tools used in the project, provide an A3 project summary, and examine both strategic and tactical solutions.


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